Happy October (we can only hope)

Croctober mayhem entertainment shows

Well, what a croc of a year for everyone, everywhere. Yes, Croctober. I see Bo-Jo has decided now that Covid-19 is not only nocturnal but also Chrono specific, as well as dissipated quicker in the system by singing & dancing. Wow, would love to see the scientific research notes that lead to that conclusion. For those of you that got a chance to come to Greece, especially Rhodes. I hope you had a great time.

Boris Helped to Make It Croctober

I had a great time (long may it continue) in one particular venue, The Paleos Apartments. Giannis and the staff kept me in employment there this season despite all the obvious restrictions. However, I will be back with them hopefully next season. People have been asking me for details of my next show:
It will be at “somewhere” from “not sure until don’t know” On the something of October 2020 .. see you there. Let’s get over Croctober.

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