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Mayhem Entertainment Karaoke Shows

Performing Karaoke music shows from 2007. Available in quality bars & hotel venues on the island. Been here before? You will find pictures in the galleries section. We have recorded singers and videos. Technology & popularity has allowed for many changes.

Pete Jackson’s Music & Karaoke Show Rhodes Greece

Now is the resurrection of peoples rights to socialize on holidays. In pubs bars & restaurants. My new show is advertising the brave new world we made. Themed by the classic music from; “Jeff Wayne’s musical”. An adaptation of “War Of The Worlds” by G.G Wells. Starting May 2021. If you want a really good night out please come to one of my shows.

Pete Jackson's Music & Karaoke Show for 2022Pete Jackson’s Karaoke Music Shows

Map Of The Island Showing All The Venues For This Season Here

Family-based music and karaoke show that’s different. More entertaining. Makes the evening flow and involves everyone without pleading for singers. Focussed on the non-singers. Entertaining the audience with music and professional singers. Providing comedy and showmanship, introducing singers. Click Here To Read My Karaoke Etiquette Guide. (Just for Laughs)

Eleni’s Apartments Afandou

Private Parties For Residents Only.
Friendly little hotel apartments are family-run by Sarah & Savas. Appearing here throughout the summer season with various shows, including:

Pete Jackson’s Music & Karaoke Show, Nearly Diamond, Cher, Mini Midler & She Will Rock You.

New for 2021 The You Nailed It Trophy

All you have to do is get up and sing your favourite song. To the absolute best of your ability. Add some flair and showmanship. Do all that and you just might have: NAILED IT

Starting this summer you could receive a Nailed It Trophy & a certificate. From Mayhem Entertainment Karaoke Shows. That earns you a place on the wall of fame. 

We use Karaoke Tracks From:

Karafun Sunfly Zoom Sound Choice Karaoke Version  YouTube

Including many other companies