Covid 19 Rules

Rules & Regulations For Covid 19 Rules

  1. Mayhem Entertainment staff are following all Covid 19 rules. All CHILDREN NEED TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY ADULTS. People who refuse to do as directed will have their song terminated immediately & told to leave the performance area.
  2. The maximum number of performers/singers allowed at one time is one. No duets, no groups. Again, this mandatory statement. 
  3. The use of hand sanitiser will be mandatory for all performers. This will include Karaoke Slips/ pens/ Microphone etc
  4. There will be an absence of books with song lists inside. Only one pen will be available for you to use. (if you need assistance with your song, we may be able to help.)
  5. You may if you wish to write the song on the Karaoke Request Slip. If you cannot spell it correctly the host may not be able to find the right song. 

The deliberate act of coughing, sneezing, spitting at Mayhem Entertainment staff will be dealt with quickly & using the full extent of Rodian law (Please be respectful).

Health and safety regarding Covid 19 rules are of the highest priority without affecting your enjoyment.

Be safe, please follow all the Rodian safety precautions & respect Mayhem Entertainments Policy to help ensure the safest possible way of providing entertainment enjoy yourselves while you are here.

Pete Jackson CEO

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Pete Jackson’s Personal Views & Predictions

31/01/2021 The Covid crisis is not going to dissipate overnight as some were lead to believe on the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve. The government in the UK has made an absolute shambles of this pandemic from day one. However, here in Greece, our government have worked hard with its people to keep us as safe as possible. We are in a good place at the moment with very few cases and deaths resulting from the virus. I think with some careful controls and tight security measures, such as Covid testing at ports, certificates of covid free travellers. Then a sensible approach to living and holidaying here on Rhodes, we can carry on as normal for the forthcoming 2021 season. 

Sensible Rules & Proven Preventative Measures

This means that all of the shops, bars/taverna’s and accommodation have to enforce and promote some proven preventative measures. This may include hand sanitizing stations on every entrance. Masks to be worn in certain public areas. Social distancing practising in various places to become mandatory. My personal experience and observations lead me to urge holidaymakers not to cancel their well-earned vacations to Rhodes. We do not have a Covid problem here. As long as you do not have the virus you are safe. If you can get a vaccination and a negative Covid test then you will be able to come to Rhodes. Our government has allowed UK flights into Greece, despite the Brexit. 


I am sure everyone reading this is aware that the spread of Covid is being made worse by Social Media Propaganda. The internet style of news that we are used to in the twenty-first century. Personally, I think it is the same as the game “Chinese Whispers”. I have seen so many pictures on the web of people doing stupid things. Governments claims, facts figures, statistics and predictions. Most of which is bread from Facebook, Twitter, as well as Bloggers with nothing better to do than throw a spanner in the Covid propaganda machine. The truth is out there but clouded by this perpetual nonsense because access to the internet for everyone with a telephone is now possible.

Cancellations Refunds & Deposits

Most of us with honourable companies offer some kind of compensation for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. Mayhem Entertainment & Rhodes Wedding DJ offer a referral based policy. That is to say that if you have booked a party, wedding, equipment hire or an event with a deposit paid. We will honour the booking and let you postpone the date to a later time. My personal take suggests that you should not cancel or postpone your event because many of the services will not be available at the same price at a later date. There is a chain of companies needed to produce an event. If everyone chooses a date for 2022 then the system cannot cope. Refunds cannot be issued because revenues have not been collected. We have been in lockdown since last year and all Entertainment companies have not been allowed to operate.