Karaoke Etiquette

Karaoke Etiquette is a tongue-in-cheek directive. how one should behave at a Karaoke night or similar evening of entertainment such as a disco. It has been written as a bit of fun. There are some serious points here. However, firstly they are for the safety of everyone in the room. Secondly, they are just common sense & hopefully, the way people should conduct themselves. In conclusion, it will be funny for professionals to read & inform patrons about the performance area. 

Play Nice Don’t Be A Knob

ALWAYS APPLAUD someone at the beginning & the end of a song.

NEVER HISS OR BOO a person on stage, people come to karaoke to have fun not to be abused and ridiculed. People’s singing performances will vary.

DON’T HECKLE other performers, you have no right. Remember people who get up and sing are doing it for fun.  (They may get upset and smash your face in)

Let The Presenter Do Their Job

DO NOT hang around and peer over the shoulder of the Karaoke DJ. This is extremely annoying. Putting a show together is a lot harder than you may think.

DON’T EVER interrupt the karaoke DJ while he is talking or singing. Even if you are a complete ignoramus, it’s just rude. Also please do not walk in front of the screen when someone is singing.

IF you can’t remember the correct title or the name of the artist. It is unreasonable to expect the DJ to know the song that you mean.

DON’T ASK “When is my song going to come on?” Karaoke DJs work in different ways, some do first come first served & some put songs and singers in order to make the evening flow.

Little Darlings & Prima Donnas

YOUNG CHILDREN standing there holding a microphone without making a sound or screaming into it is only entertaining for the parents of the child & not the rest of the audience (Nuff said)

CERTAIN SONGS are more popular than others. Everybody wants to sing Frank Sinatra’s My Way. If you pick songs like this the chances are someone will sing them first & no one wants to hear the same song more than once. Don’t get pissed off because somebody has sung your song YOU DON’T OWN IT.

KARAOKE SONGS are very often slightly different from the original and because of copyright problems sometimes the words come up differently from the original. Some songs that you may hear on your MP3 player and or your radio TV etc are NOT AVAILABLE as karaoke songs at this time.

Microphones the mystery of using them

Do not swing the microphone around by the cord (do this at one of my shows and you will be the first person in history to be in hospital having a Mic-stand-ectomy. Microphones (mics) are expensive and have electricity running through them (DANGEROUS you may die). Please do not tap the top of the microphone with your hand (irritating) the DJ will make sure it’s switched on and adjusted to suit your voice.

Don’t Screw With My Microphones

MIC’S are only there to amplify your voice not to be tapped with fingers. Also do not smoke while singing, blowing smoke down the windshield of the microphone damage the head and makes it smell like cigarettes. (Do it at one of my shows and you will be forced to gargle WD 40)

The Science Behind Electrocution, Liquid & Idiots

Beer & electricity DO NOT MIX, so you don’t need to bring your drink with you. Do not try and clap your hands when holding a microphone, you will look like a dick… it makes a horrible thud, thud, thud noise. If you must clap your non-mic hand on the other wrist.

If you have not come to have a good time and you think that the music is interrupting the conversation you are having, you are in the wrong place so don’t spoil it for others. Please just go away & do what interests you. Like watching 22 millionaires kick a bag of air around while falling over a lot. Or get on Facebook and look at pictures of people’s lunches.

I just wrote this for fun so don’t take it seriously.
I am friendly & love everyone. Have a great time XXX

If you are a Karaoke presenter, DJ, or entertainer and you wish to print this out, please go ahead it’s a bit of fun.
Please credit it to me Pete Jackson & Mayhem Entertainment

Karaoke Etiquette PDF Download

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