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Entertainment Shows & Karaoke

For your party or wedding, Mayhem Entertainment DJs & entertainers from the UK will give you the best time in Rhodes Greece. We also supply karaoke shows, wedding disco equipment hires, for instance, large events. 

Pete Jackson Entertainer Comedian Musician Actor

Pete Jackson’s Music Shows

here on the island throughout the summer. This show is based on a karaoke concept with a slight twist. The show has the concept of entertaining the non-singers and people who don’t usually like Karaoke. Cleverly presented with the highest-quality sound and lighting. This show is not just for people who want to sing. Pete has special guests, tribute singers, and professional vocalists to entertain you.  Please look for the nearest venue on the Google Map below or click here to visit the

shows page

Mayhem Entertainment Rhodes Greece, Karaoke, music shows and equipment hire for Rhodes Greece

Music & Karaoke Show

Showmanship, Talent, Presentation, Quality Sound & a Laser Show If you like nonstop professional entertainment & high-quality sound. A good presenter will play your favorite songs. A great presenter will play the songs that you didn’t know you wanted to hear. Mayhem Entertainment has been in Rhodes Greece since 2007. Entertaining tourists and locals at many venues on the island. To find the location of my shows, go to our:

Shows Page

Equipment Hire

Play your own music via a laptop or any audio device such as your Smartphone or Mp3 player then we can help. We supply you with a basic system all dressed up with lights. We are now providing one system that works for all venues. We have 2 of them. We will only supply 2 systems per day to maintain quality and service. Most of these are booked a year in advance, or more. 

Sound & Light Jire from Mayhem Entertainment Rhodes Greece

Large P.A Concerts

Larger systems are available with more lighting and effects. For more info go to our Rental page. We supply outdoor stages and lighting gantries for large concerts. Complete with fully trained on-site audio & lighting engineers.

Latest Hi-Tech Lighting Systems Mayhem Entertainment