Running Half-Hearted

Running Is Hard & Makes Me Feel Good

Running Half-Hearted is just a little personal joke. I have 45% heart function. This was after a serious heart attack in 2017. You can read the whole boring story if you click here. I have had to overcome a lot of obstacles. This makes it more interesting. To attempt something, you are no good at. I don’t care. Because I am not good at this. However, I love it. Fresh air & sunshine. It’s called vitamin D. During lockdown 2. I gained 10 kilos. Now I have lost 8. This is due to eating less & eating the right food. As well as exercise. 

Respect Reward Achievement Disappointment

It can be a challenge. To drag yourself out of bed at 5 am. But it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s not easy. You feel like you just want to stay at home. Once you get there you usually feel different. But, not always. I have gone out to run a long-distance & stopped after 2 kilometres. I am learning to listen to my body. Because my head rules my heart. I am definitely a stubborn idiot. The support you get from other athletes is unbelievable. It’s like you are in a secret society. A special elite club. Running down the beach & getting a nod or Good morning from Mr & Mrs “we’re so fit. Or the person like you chugging along towards you. That is just inspiring. 

Are you a heart patient wanting to return to sport? If your cardiac recovery has been so good that your cardiologist has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport “as long as you don’t overdo it!” then Cardiac Athletes, launched in 2001, is for you.

Below is my Strava Stats Of Me Running Hal-Hearted.

Pete Jackson Half-Hearted fitness along the beaches of Rhodes Greece with Strava

Strava Keeps Me Going

Getting On My Nerves

I have tried to balance my running depending on certain factors. The weather. How I am feeling. This could be because I am sick or have some other malfunction. I am 53 years old as I write this. I have survived 4 years after being revived 15 times. That has lead to other complications. I have 5 lesions on my brain. 3 on the right hemisphere & 2 on the left. This is either a whole new problem waiting for me or the cause of my nervous system disorder. Don’t worry reader. It’s nothing really. Just take some pills and it mostly goes away. Thanks to Dr Gilmore. (A.K.A Αναστασιοσ λιβερεζας) The best neurologist in the world. 

Embarrassing & Annoying

I have learned over the last few years. How to run at a certain pace. This is because. My Cardiologist (Johnny Mathis). A.K.A Ιωαννησ Ματθαιοσ (Best Cardiologist, ever). Told me that my heart rate should never exceed 143 bpm. He was quite direct about this. I trust him implicitly. He has certificates and a model of heart on his desk. Dragging one’s fat ass along a road and not going over that sleeping HR of 143 is hard to control.

I had to learn t run slowly (at the same pace that elderly people walk). Because I used to run 6-8 minute Kilometers before my 2 week holiday in Rhodes General Hospital. This was so difficult. However, I have nearly cracked it. Running at 10-10:30 per kilometre. This is not always the case. I sometimes get it wrong.

Good Advice From The Masses 

I have a few Guru athlete friends. They both started from nothing. Now they run Marathons and climb mountains as a bit of exercise before going to work. Snowy Rock I used to train with before she zoomed ahead of me before 2017. then helped me get back on my feet again. James Askew is the other. A great guy who trained me in the art of running slower and consistently. To get faster with a lower heart rate. Yes, mad isn’t it?  But the advice of people doing it is better than advice from the armchair fitness people. The ones who are not. 

Nothing Half-Hearted About Snowy & James Running

Snowy has run a shed load of marathons & now runs up mountains for a laugh. I would call her mad but that gives way to the pot, black & kettle theorem. James has also run, swam, and cycled his way through a plethora of medals. When I ran my first, post-heart attack 10k. He had run a Half Marathon. Ran to watch his wife Tracy finish her 5k. Then ran 5 kilometres to meet me halfway on my run. Just so he could run back with me. Another 5k. He got me into some cool running techniques. This has enabled me to run with an extremely low HR. This has given me control and consistency. He also makes mean Chinese Curry.

Half-Hearted Running space for a picture I can’t find 

 False Claims Of Knowledge 

Last but, by no means helpful. Those people that keep telling me everything know about fitness. Yet never done any. Just read about it on anti-social media. These people are dangerous. They have told me that running is stupid, dangerous. It will kill me. I should just go for a walk. Or the worst bit of advice. You should go swimming! These plonkers will tell you it’s the best exercise. It does every muscle in your body.

I always think to myself. SHUT UP! Firstly, swimming is fantastic if you are quite fit. It’s hard to control your breathing & heart rate. If you are not.