Back To Life Again

A Born Again Nutter

Back to life again is the term I use because. I had a massive heart attack. Acute myocardial infarction. this was in late January 2017. The specifics are a bit sketchy. I was on one of those fitness freakouts. I had already given up smoking and drinking since 2015. Something that I found easy. If you having problems with giving up smoking or drinking, drugs etc. Here is how to do it. Don’t buy them. It’s so easy.  I remember running around the village of Kalithies in the morning. Getting 1.5 km into a predefined 5km route I ran regularly. Then bam! I got hit in the chest by a strange force. It really took the wind out of me. I didn’t stop running but I did slow right down. The pain continued until I was walking. It was a pain that felt like I had taken a massive lung full of frozen air. 

Time To Get Home

I was exactly halfway between the furthest point of my planned run and my home. I thought that it couldn’t be anything serious, so I jogged back home with the continued course. But a more direct route.  I was absolutely sure I had either pulled a muscle or maybe hurt myself lifting a wood-burning stove into the back of a car a few days earlier. Told Mini about it but gave her my prognosis and carried on with the day. The following morning I went for my run but the pain in my chest was just too much. I ran about a kilometre & felt that chest tightening, freezing feeling again. This time I walked back home slowly. This is the first time I have ever given in while running. So far to date the only time. 

The Airport That Bought Me Back Again

R.H.O. Diagoras airport Rhodes. Definitely a lifesaver. I had elected to take my friend Snowy to the airport in the morning around 5 am. The problem was that I was getting more and more chest-related pains & problems. So much so that I had almost agreed to see a doctor the following day. Mini decided that she would be travelling to the airport with me because I seemed unwell. 

We picked up Snowy from her house. She told me that I looked dreadful. I explained about the last few days and she and Mini suggested that I went to the hospital en route from the airport. I drove from Snowy’s house for about 15 minutes and then asked Mini to drive. This is when Mini & Snow said that they both knew something was seriously wrong.

Snow executed the trusty Doblo with a sort of “Tuck & Roll” and Mini zoomed off toward the hospital. My memories of this part of the journey are very strange. I remember being very sick, I remember asking her to stop so that I could vomit. Then It was all a delirious, confusing journey. Arriving at the hospital emergency entrance I got out of the car. Said to Mini: “park up, I won’t belong”. (So I am told). 

Cardiac Ranch Where Greek God Mythology Is Not A Myth

2 be continued