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Contact Details for Mayhem Entertainment and Rhodes Wedding DJ are listed below. Please understand that we may not be able to answer the telephone. We could be performing or setting up a sound and lighting rig. If that is the case, (we do not answer the phone). Please leave a message on your favourite App. We have access to WhatsApp, Messenger and  Viber. 

Also, we have plain old text plus email. All of the links are listed below. Please give us as much information as possible about your enquiry. We will need to know the date and time of your event. The location of the venue.  Also what kind of function you are having? Party, wedding, corporate event. 

Information about the equipment you wish to hire would also be useful. For example, if you have a DJ. What kind of decks or DJ mixers do they require? Also other items such as specialist lighting and effects. The more info we get the better. 

Please be aware that this is an island in the middle of the Med. Some things are either very expensive or not possible. Mayhem Entertainment is a legal company with all the appropriate documents and complies with all the local Tax and VAT laws. We are also an English-run,  registered entertainment company here in Rhodes Greece. We work according to Greek laws. 


+44 1707 853 776 828 UK

+30 690 673 5466 GR


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