What’s Goin Down

Health & Common Sense Speculations.

What’s Goin Down? I have more questions than answers, much like everyone else. Is there going to be a summer season in Rhodes this year (or anywhere), That is the question that we have all been pondering & speculating about the various problems with accepting international travel here on Rhodes. We are all aware of the pandemic, Covid 19 virus, we are all aware of how it is spread and how long it takes to manifest. At the moment our government are absolutely adamant that they will put public health before anything else. I am inclined to agree with them. I think opening up this island to a possible second wave would be the biggest catastrophe this island has ever seen.

Afantou beach Rhodes Greece

Business Speculation.

Well, Mayhem Entertainment is on standby, just like every other business. If the bars and hotels do not open or do not fill to a reasonable capacity I will not work this season and therefore my earnings will be zero. This of course, is the same for everyone in the tourist industry. Despite this devastating possibility, I think we would be better off closing down, rather than trying to accommodate our guests in a second-rate way, in the interest of safety. Imagine not being able to sit at your favourite bar or sit your family and friends down together in a Taverna because of the rules of social distancing. Also, there may be an issue with swimming pools. For instance, only having 10 people in at a time and on massive hotel complexes there may be a possibility of one-third of the hotel and all of its facilities shut down. You may be confined to your room on arrival for 24 hours. Your hotel buffet service will be done in the style of, queuing up with a plate while a member of the serving staff puts the food on your plate (much like school dinners used to be).

Everything is pure speculation, some of my friends here have just shut up for the season because they do not want to give a lower rate of service. Other workers from the UK and other countries cannot even get here. We also have to understand that most businesses cannot simply open the front door and serve you a room key or food and beverage because it takes time to prepare the establishment for customers. The reason for this is because of the ambiguity of opening and government funding, flights, and quarantine. Well, the list is endless, there are still more questions than answers.

RHO Rhoes Greece airport shut 2020

Entertainment Karaoke

I must admit I have a few reservations about my show Pete Jackson’s Music Show. It’s a more professional, entertainment and music lead (not a drunk moron, screaming competition). If you have been to it , you will know what I mean. However, it has the characteristics of the dreaded word “Karaoke” for want of an international description. The principle is almost the same because I am handing out a microphone, that people will share (and no doubt, spit over) for the purpose of singing. Then that microphone will be handed round and round for 3 hours or so…… you see where I am going with this. We also have a ticket system where you have the ability to read and write (would you be shocked if I said 50% of people cannot?) This piece of paper is also handed about until I get it. Also, we have books with lists of songs, these also get handed around to a lot of people and so on. Basically, a great way to spread a virus. I could antiseptic wipe the microphones (great for removing spittle & lipstick), and get rid of the books but then I would have to ban kids from singing (they tend to lick microphones) Duets would also be banned. There are also another million reasons why this kind of entertainment, may not be a great idea during the current climate. 

entertainment closed until 2021

It’s not all bad, I have been getting fit and going out for a run down the beach and walking. It’s beautiful out there in the sun and I really hope this is all over soon x

Running & walking around (soon to be swimming & biking) Rhodes.

This is not a post about doom and gloom, it’s about positive, realistic issues that we will all face. If you think that, not being allowed to travel is pretty aimful, then try losing your job for a year. With no support and no financial backing.