June. Well, it’s probably a little late in the season to admit that, things may not really happen this year. I have deleted my FaceBook account because I am fed up with listening to thick, stupid people and their ideas & political views when all they follow it up with is a picture of what they had for breakfast. This site is not going to be the new Pete Jackson rant book. I am simply going to post my videos and artwork (Photoshopped fun) + some of my other art and add the odd picture of what’s been happening, also what may happen, according to the government legislation here on the Rock. 

Today I went back out for a run (after having a bad scare a few months back) Mini came along with me and we had a good run down Afandou beach.

June should be in full swing for the summer

The rest of the season is looking a bit gloomy, with most people cancelling their holidays until 2021. We have a number of bars, restaurants, and hotels that will remain closed. As far as Mayhem Entertainment is concerned …… who knows …. we may have a late season …. we may not have one at all. This has put a major strain on the economy and will affect people in a lot of ways. 

As far as I am concerned, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. I will be here, ready, waiting and fired up to entertain as usual. I hope you are all well and look forward to getting back to normal. Please don’t stress your selves and please remember….. Social Media is just full of Shi*