X pats you need this now because of your internet service changes.

So you are living in another country and you keep getting problems streaming the footy or you fave program. All of the FREE TV apps worked for a time & now you can’t use them.

Most of you will tell me “I don’t pay for anything on the internet”. Well that’s all about to change. If you don’t by May 2019 you will not be able to access certain websites. Already websites are becoming country specific to comply with local laws & to combat migrants & immigrants from gambling & watching FREE T.V from their own countries. Football & gambling are two of the big ones. 

If you don’t believe me, carry on with your local ISP & (by the way most of them have a continually changing IP Address so you will not be accessing some sites that you used for:
Downloading, Streaming, Banking, Gambling & so on.
(Keeping your UK Address as well as your “X pat address in the sun)

Have you noticed problems with your English Online Banking lately ?
Applied for a government document have we ?
Booked  a flight (and can’t get the same deal as you mate in the UK)
(Had your Face page hijacked and identity s

Get a V.P.N (Virtual Private Network)  This will make you practically anonymous online, you Internet Provider will not be able to see what you are viewing (by the way , they cane). It will also give you security when entering your personal details for online purchases & emails. It will tell APPS that you are from the UK and you can stream their TV FREE of charge. Also it will let you pretend that you are in any country you choose. Ever noticed how certain items on the internet are the same price in U.S.Dollars  as they are in UK Pound Sterling.(so you are paying nearly double for them because of the exchange rate. Also a lot of websites will not recognize certain countries I.S.P’s .Greece is just one of them.

My advice is to get one now. They are as cheap as chips and they will make your internet connection more stable & secure. This will stop a lot of the adware (adverts targeted toward your browsing history) It will also enable you to shop around and pay for flights and other items a lot cheaper.

At the very least have a look and click on the banner below. If you would like any more reasons and resurgence. Message me. I have been using one for a year now.

hide me Virtual Private Network