No Karaoke Books !

That’s right, moving into the 21st century with a book less Karaoke Show. 

Now we have an online book system that you can see via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to

Follow the onscreen instructions for a FREE account and then you can browse our entire library of songs from your device. We also have a couple of tablets at the front of the stage if there is a problem with the internet or you don’t have an appropriate device. Yo can simply put in the details … Name and Song/Band etc after you have searched our database & press send so that the presenter will receive it on his computer. Then he can call you when it your turn to sing & even send a little buzz to your phone letting you know when your song is coming up.

Songbook Data Base

This revolutionary system will replace: having writing out a slip for the song you wish to sing. It will stop all the confusion with trying to explain to the presenter the name of the song and it will allow you to browse the ENTIRE LIBRARY of songs not just a part of it. Think of all the trees that have been saved by Mayhem Entertainment 🙂