Old Adverts

The Oldest Industry In The World Is Advertising
(not prostitution think about it)

By request, a lot of people ask me about my advertising strategy. It’s quite simple: “as bold and daring as you can and everywhere you can get it”. I have used a number of themes from TV, Movies and such like. Also a number of personal gags depicting things that have happened locally and at my shows. The other thing is that this advertising lark is continually changing as we move more towards the social media posting and now more complex animated video ads. I still think there is room for the obligatory, “big ass poster”. The greatest sin of all is of course “not top advertise at all or think you are above it. For instance, i have already been booked for the summer season 2020 and i still continue to advertise.

Old Adverts From 2007-2019 from Kremasti-Lardos Rhodes Greece

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