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Matt Carter Entertainer Bio, I was born in Penzance in Cornwall, and with both parents in the Navy, we moved around a fair bit, including 2 years in Brunei. After returning to the UK I lived in Croydon of all places and spent most of my young life there. After a chance phone call in my early 20s, I ended up working in Faliraki, Rhodes for a season, I started as a waiter and then skipped jobs to work for the Skysurfer and bungee jump (NWB), I loved it!

Matt Carter with a Telecaster in Afandou 2023

How I got into DJing: In the ’90s I had played at a couple of house parties for friends using a DVD player and discman, people seemed to like the music I was playing, so for my second season in Faliraki, I took some CD’s with me and pestered every club owner on the island until I finally landed my first gig in Bed Club, it was 2 am and there were 500 people in there, I had no idea how the mixer or decks worked, but watched the DJ I was taking over from and figured it out.

The crowd went wild for my music and that sealed the deal for me. Off the back of that gig, I was offered a job as a resident DJ in Sinners in Faliraki where I honed my skills on the job. I worked another 7 seasons in Faliraki as a DJ in pretty much every bar and club during Faliraki’s heyday.
For 2 of my years in Rhodes, I was lucky enough to work with the legendary Mike McNamara performing karaoke.

A Bit Of Floyd Down In Afandou Beach
Comfortably Numb

In 2008 I moved to Ibiza to take my DJing to the next level, little did I know I’d have to start from the bottom of the ladder again, but soon gained notoriety after winning the Manumission and Es Paradis DJ competitions, I secured a weekly residency at Es Paradis for their Fiesta Del Agua parties with crowds of 3000+ every week. I am currently a resident DJ for a few local bars and have performed at hundreds of weddings.

Live music: I have always had a love for music, I’m a guitarist, bass player, drummer, a producer and to some extent a pianist too. I have been in several bands playing and singing in all of them, my most recent band project was founding the Carnaby Army (60s cover band) as a guitarist and singer, although the band is still going, I have decided that a move back to Rhodes was for me..

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