Package 3 Hire Mobile

Equipment Rental Package 3 medium size 1.8KW sound system with radio microphones a subwoofer and lighting

A flat-screen TV with a stand for Karaoke
available as an add on €50

(see additional information on Karaoke)

Pricing For 1 Day Hire

Suitable for a small group of people of up to 75 – 150.

We deliver, set up and collect the equipment from your venue.

For a 1-day hire of this costs €400 + V.Α.Τ

(currently at 24%) Total is €496.00 

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Package 3 sound and lighting rental package 1,8 KW sound system including 12 inch active speakers 15 inch subwoofer radio microphones and lighting

The Right System For You

This system we refer to as package 3 equipment rental. Ideal for larger Villa’s, hotel/tavernas, private parties and weddings.

The 12-inch active speaker’s sit on stands, with custom made white covers. 

We recommend placing the up lighters beneath the stands. Programmed to wash through their multi-colours slowly. 

Included with this package are 3 Shure 58 Beta radio microphones and an 18-inch active subwoofer.

The make and models of equipment may vary depending on your location and requirements or subject to availability.