Package 2 Hire Mobile

Package 2 Sound & Lighting System with radio microphones white speakers, mixer, graphic equalizer & sub woofer.

A flat-screen TV with a stand for Karaoke
available as an add on €50

(see additional information on Karaoke)

Pricing For 1 Day Hire

Our package 2 hire is great for groups of 50-100

We deliver, set up and collect the equipment from your venue.

For a 1-day hire of this costs €300 + V.Α.Τ

(currently at 24%) Total is €372.00 

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Package 2 sound and lighting system rental with white custiom made speakers and lights

The Right System For You

This system we refer to as package 2 sound & lighting. Ideal for Villa’s, private parties and weddings.

You can use it for a musician or just play your own playlist. Just plug into the mixer with an mp3 playing device/controller. Perfect for your intimate party.

The white custom-built speaker’s sit on stands, with custom made white covers. These look professional and will compliment your chosen venue.

We recommend placing the up lighters beneath the stands. Programmed to wash through their multi-colours slowly. This creates a stunning mood lighting effect regardless of the music tempo. Included with this package are 3 Shure 58 Beta radio microphones and a subwoofer to pump up the bass.