Mayhem Entertainment Light Shows

Lighting At Mayhem Entertainment Shows

Lighting varies at our shows depending on the occasion. We have lasers that show off amazing beams of coloured light. Spotlights that show off a performance area. Uplighters that create a calming mood. Some lighting at Mayhem Entertainment Shows has all of this. If you have been to one, please leave a Goggle Review.

Clever Lighting Attracts Customers

Customers are more lightly to enter a bar that’s got a light show. Lasers & spotlights can be seen from outside. Advertising the event whilst it is happening. In conclusion, it will dazzle the audience & attract more people. Mood lighting will keep a calm vibe that relaxes customers. This leads to more sales at the bar. People stay longer in an exciting environment. This is always present at Mayhem Entertainment Light Shows. They are available to rent for weddings and parties.

Dramatic Effects & Atmosphere

Dramatic lights like lasers need smoke & effects. We use water-based smoke machines with a nice fragrance. The smoke makes the beautiful parallel beams of light. Giving them dimension. The smell of the smoke additive works like a scented candle or incense. Here at Mayhem Entertainment, we make light shows part of the evening. Other effects include projected images and washes to illuminate walls and ceilings. 

Fewer Wires & Wireless Technology

Every show is carefully set up. We hide the cables away neatly out of sight. This is not always easy but very important. For safety & for aesthetics. Bars & Hotel venues spend a lot of time & money making things look good. We like to enhance that by just adding sound & light mixed with great family entertainment. Our new range of high tech systems is small but powerful & wireless. These include battery-operated portable speakers that light up with sound to match the other lighting. Discretely hidden up-lighters without cables. 

Please contact us and make us aware of your requirements for entertainment with great lights to make some great nights at your venue. Pete Jackson’s Music & Karaoke Show is available for a few dates this year 2021.