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Online Karaoke Books for 2019

No more paper, no more scrolling through pages to find your favorite song.

Just download the App on your Smartphone or Tablet.


SongbookDB Tablet KioskThis online songbook will be fully uploaded and updated 1st May 2019. The system will hold information about all the gigs throughout the summer season on Rhodes & have a complete list of all the Karaoke songs including the updates on weekly basis.

For those of you without a Smartphone or the unlikely event of the internet not working properly, Mayhem Entertainment will provide 2 Tablets at the front of the stage area, linked to the DJ. You may search our database of songs & send your requests.



Mayhem Entertainment uses 1000’s of Karaoke songs from different producers because most sound a bit different & some singers prefer certain tracks from a particular manufacture.  Here are some of the ones that we use: Sunfly, Zoom, Chart Buster, DK, Pro Tracks, and many more


Now we are in the 21st century & here at Mayhem Entertainment we are concerned for the good of the planet & also the poor old DJ’s back from lugging large quantities of books around full of songs. We have just one, “digital book”. That’s right, No more endless pages of depleted Rain Forrest to thumb through we have a FREE downloadable APP with all of our songs on it.

Songbook Data Base

You can simply search for the Artist, Song Title or code and find the song you are looking for with ease. The App contains all of our songs as well as all the latest updates. This will also allow you to send the song that you want to sing via the internet to the karaoke host or D.J from your phone. The DJ can even BUZZ you to let you know when you are about to be called up to sing.

If for some reason the internet is not running at full steam or you have not got a smartphone or tablet to hand. We have some at the front of the stage area which are connected directly to the  DJ or presenter. 

Just follow the on screen directions by adding your name and search for the song that you want to sing 🙂 

songbookdb karaoke online songbook download the app

Click on this link to find all the information you need about our online karaoke books


Download the FREE App for Android or iOS or Web-App

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