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Mayhem Entertainment tribute acts & singers.

If you are looking for a professional show or something a little different like a particular artist: Cher, Neil Diamond, Freddie Mercury or Bette Midler . Try and catch one of our performances during the summer season on Rhodes. If you are looking for a certain artist like:Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars, Adele etc, please let us know as we have a massive database of singers and tribute artists as well as musicians & bands. For instance maybe you would like a tribute singer or a rock band for your wedding or party.

Rock Chic Singer Mini from Rhodes GreeceRhodes Rock Chic

Mini but mighty. Mini is an accomplished singer here on the island. As well as being a top presenter & a tribute artist, there is nothing more than Mini likes is to rock out with a live band. Mini also can put a show together with backing tracks from your favorite artists, including:
U2, R.E.M, Guns N Roses, Queen  & many more rock legends.


Mini Cher Bette Midler Singer VocalistMini Midler & Cher

Two amazing female actresses & vocalists bought to life by Mini usually as a double tribute act. If you are fortunate enough to catch her at one of the many Mayhem Entertainment Shows on island in the summertime. Fully dressed in her Cher “Turn Back Time ” outfit she really belts out your favorite tracks. Also as Bette Midler she really brings out the character of the famous artist, actress, comedienne. 

She Will Rock You

The Mini Mercury Tribute

Pictures courtesy of the amazing Chris Watts of Gallery Photography

A tribute to the great man himself, Mr Freddie Mercury & Queen.
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